May 30, 2014

Island Diaries: Cattlewash weekend

The Atlantic coast of Barbados has a unique charm that's hard to describe to anyone who's never been. It's beautiful; rugged, fertile hills are dotted with cows and palm trees that are constantly blasted by the salty Tradewinds. This is where Barbadians have escaped to during the late summer and Easter holidays for generations and the rusty, wooden beach houses are reminiscent of what the rest of the island would have looked like 50 years ago. Even on a tiny island like this, you somehow feel totally disconnected from the chaotic reality when you are 'staying down' Cattlewash, Bath or Bathsheba.

A few months ago, our local community was raising money in aid of a young boy who had emergency surgery. One of the fundraising initiatives was renting a beach house in Cattlewash; a large portion of the rental of this house within a certain time period would go towards his medical fund. A group of us jumped at the opportunity to help out and to escape for a relaxing weekend on the East, so we booked our weekend immediately and started planning dinner menus and games nights.

When we finally arrived at the house, we were blown away to find a very luxurious MANSION; hardly the simple wooden 'cottage-esque' beach house we were expecting. This place was amazing! The house was nestled on the hill across the street from the beach, so the view was incredible. We woke up to this every morning as we sipped our coffee:

What followed was 3 days of lazy fun, filled with daytime drinking, yummy dinners, board games and long walks on the beach. Ain't nothing like a mini staycation to make you appreciate everything this little dot has to offer.

Both photos by Angie :)

I didn't take as many photos as I would normally because I was focussed on taking video footage over the weekend, so stay tuned for a cheeky/cheesy video of Cattlewash coming soon :)

*UPDATE: You can now view my video here.