April 10, 2014

#Barebeauty raised $1,200 for the Barbados Cancer Society

The #Barebeauty #nomakeupselfie campaign with LIME Barbados raised over $1,200 for the Barbados Cancer Society! THANK YOU to each and every one of you beauties who supported this campaign by posting selfies & donating from near and far. The campaign raised a lot more than expected and it's really exciting to see so many people join together for a great cause. 
This isn't a huge amount, especially when compared to the millions raised in the UK, but for a small island with a quarter million people, it's pretty awesome. It also says a lot about how our local social media landscape works and highlights the potential for greater social media fundraising campaigns in the future. I'll be working with the Barbados Cancer Society to show everyone how the money raised will be used in the coming months. 

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