September 17, 2013

ilove iStrategy

Just received some great news from the wonderful people at iStrategy: they're offering me 4 free tickets to their conference in London on Sept 30th-Oct 1st! Eek! #geekythrills

iStrategy is a two-day digital and social media conference that I first heard about back in 2011, when my friend Kat and I won tickets to their conference in Amsterdam. You can read more about my 'Sweet Tweet' blog post here. Katerina and I were blown away by the event; we chatted with Randi Zuckerburg about being geeky girls and pretended to know what we were in for when mingling with Media Execs at the networking events. By the end of it we were overwhelmed, excited and inspired - which is exactly what we were aiming to get out of the iStrategy event.

Since then, I've kept in touch with the team via email and Twitter, looking out for any opportunity to attend another event. Miami and The Hague seemed like viable options at the time, but unfortunately I couldn't make either of them and had to give the tickets away to friends in those cities. Since I was planning on travelling to London on my way to Amsterdam next month, I figured it may be possible to push things forward to make room for this event on the 30th. 

The iStrategy team put together a really great event; filled with inspirational speakers, the sharpest ideas and the most innovative technologies – all aimed at helping attendees make social, mobile and other digital technologies work for their business. Attendees benefit from listening to both globally acclaimed and local market speakers with expertise in every online channel in a series of interactive sessions and keynote speeches that offer practical learning. With plenty of networking opportunities, it is the perfect place to build a professional network, find business partners, generate new ideas and learn.

So, with that said, are any of my media peeps in London interested in joining me for this? I have 3 tickets up for grabs, so please share this post, comment or tweet at me if you're interested! First come, first serve in this case [I'm not picking any favourites] ;) 

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  1. This is awesome! Wish I could make it London but alas, no such luck :( Can't wait to hear more about it afterwards.