September 13, 2013

Endless Summer

I've been thinking about personal branding a lot recently, for a number of reasons. (Bare with me, this post is providing insight in to my sporadic thought process)

First and foremost, I've been on the job hunt and this has made me more aware of the fact that I haven't been blogging consistently in the last 6 months. I can blame my thesis or a quarter life crisis for this but it doesn't look very good when I claim to be a 'multimedia blogger' on my CV and yet it's not reflected on my site. I've been telling myself that I'm not 'inspired' at the moment because my blog is 'under construction' - and has been for the last 6 months! I've been so caught up in deciding whether to stay in Barbados or not, that I've neglected this blog and put it on the back burner because it wasn't deemed important enough. I just haven't been able to sit down and put my feelings in to words. Once I start thinking about the back log of posts, I get overwhelmed because I know I have to backtrack about 8 months worth of posts. (I've had a pretty awesome designer working on my blog recently though and Diana has been going at exactly the pace I need to get back in to blogging)

I think I've had a bit of a 'personal branding' crisis since moving home. I'm no longer feel like a travel bug because I'm not living in Amsterdam and hopping around every weekend. I haven't sat down to blog about that because I'm worried I'll lose myself in details and complicated explanations. In a nutshell: I moved home to do my thesis in December, fell in love with an amazing guy and decided to stay. I haven't stepped on a plane since. There, I said it. I'm going to be living in Barbados for the foreseeable future and it freaks me out to know that I won't be travelling as much anymore and as a result, I won't have that much to blog about. If I'm not a travel bug, blogging about that kind of stuff, then what the hell is Skip to Malou* about?

...Then I catch myself saying those things out loud and realize that I'm being silly, because this blog is just as much a lifestyle blog as it is a travel blog. And the lifestyle in Barbados is pretty damn sweet. I live in paradise with an amazing group of friends who like to explore, cook, party and try anything once. I'm constantly meeting new people who inspire me and give me a fresh perspective on things. Barbados is small, but bursting with culture and ingenuity; the network of people I've come in to contact with other the last few months are testament to that.  And it's not to say that I won't be travelling at all, just not as often (I'll actually be in Europe next month for my graduation - woop!) 

Now that I think about it, I have a tonne of things I'd like to share with anyone who's up for reading it.  I'll be back-logging tonnes of photos and stories about the endless summer in Barbados and the things I've been up to. I'm on the job hunt and not ashamed to show my blog because it will eventually be exactly where I want it to be.

I just need to stop freaking out and get on with it.

Here's to blogging about life in Barbados and beyond.


  1. Found your blog through the link up. I honeymooned in Barbados and it was a stunning, friendly, genuine county. I fell in love with it and hopefully will get back one day. It's so easy to think of the green grass on the other side but as long as you realize how fortunate you are as well, things will always work out. Enjoy some rum punch for me and hang in there. ;)