Bye Phone, hiPhone

August 30, 2013
The downside to being a student is living on a budget. Cheap meals and deals are the norm and my love of gadgets had to take a backseat until I got a proper job. I hadn't planned on buying a new phone for awhile but things took a turn for the worst when my ancient Blackberry decided to kick the bucket. I must admit, the thought of reverting to an old Nokia lying around did appeal to me because of 'Snake' but I knew I'd feel lost without Whatsapp and Twitter. I needed a functional smart phone (This is so #YGen of me)
In stepped a great gal who lent me her old iPhone 3 to use until I could get the money together for a new one. She didn't quite realize how much this meant to me but I was so excited for the upgrade. 

I felt like a kid at Christmas; very few can understand the joy of finally discovering what a real smart phone is supposed to do. Granted, I'm not the biggest fan of Apple products but it was a welcome change from my old Blackberry; it didn't freeze, it didn't die and it took semi-identifiable photos! (I say semi, because I did send a few foodie shots to friends, which were met with a 'what the hell is that blurry blob?!')
THEN, things just kept getting better. My friend needed her phone back and in stepped another awesome friend, who replaced it with her iPhone 4! Some of you may be sitting there laughing as you smugly stroke you iPhone 5 (or 5s) but I am over the moon with this phone. It takes amazing photos, works well and I can indulge in almost every App imaginable. Gone are the days of scrambling for my camera to record a memorable moment. I can now whip out my phone and take the shot (Once they stand still) I can also join in on the Snapchat selfie fun and SKYPE on the 3G network. Ah-mazing.

Have I totally converted to Apple products? Not really. Given the choice and the budget, I would pick the new waterproof Samsung over an iPhone (that deserves it's own post) but I have never been so fond of my phone - I love it for its functionality and sentimental value.

Booze, bikinis & a pirate ship

August 6, 2013

Entertaining people in Barbados is usually a breeze; everyone loves our pretty beaches, strong rum punches and crazy night life. People come here to relax and have a good time and we generally have hosting down to a tee. However, being asked to come up with a week long itinerary for two boys who have already circumnavigated the globe in search of adventure seemed a little more daunting. How the hell were Sheena and I going to impress the winners of the Biggest, Baddest Bucket list competition? Sally and Keith Miller, of My Destination Barbados, were their official hosts whereas we were the 'unofficial' hosts who had to make sure that Alex and Marko experienced Barbados through the eyes of a twentysomething in less than a week. Quite the challenge, especially considering it was the week before Kadooment and there was way too much going on. We gave it our best shot, planning out daily activities for Alex and Marko, mixing 'touristy' stuff with local highlights. Massive THANK YOU to the great people at My Destination Barbados for organizing such a fabulous week! Here's the break down of how we kept the Vaga brothers busy in Barbados:

1. Partying on the Jolly Roger pirate ship 

'Oh my gawd, we're partying on a pirate ship in the Caribbean! Awesome!'

 2. Keeping them up way past their bedtime on a Sunday night in Harbour Lights

'Do you guys ever stop drinking? This is my favourite country in the world.'

3. Teaching them the complexities of Twenty20 cricket at Kensington Oval

'Cricket: it's kinda like baseball, but English, right?'

4. Getting lost on a boozy island tour: Stops included the Animal Flower Cave, St.Nicholas Abbey and a rum shop in St.Joseph

'dis is ACTION!'

5. Making them attempt cringe-worthy jump shots (Sorry boys!)

A few weeks after they visited us, the boys hit the nail on the head with their article on MSN TravelAlex and Marko reflected on their trip to the island, noting that they 'lived less like locals, more like kings' by staying in 5 star resorts and eating at the finest restaurants. We wanted to show them the flip side when we were island touring, so after eating some fish cutters we chilled at the rum shop on the hill between Bathsheba & Cattlewash. The boys sipped on white rum, played dominoes and chatted up the bar girl whilst we sat back and enjoyed the entertaining 'shite talk'. It was a great way to end the day and it highlighted the number of reasons why the Vagabrothers are the perfect guys this trip around the world: They're down to earth, bubbling with personality and keen to seek out the nitty gritty of 'local' experiences. 

Good luck on the rest of your travels boys, I look forward to following you on your adventures!