Turtle Hatchlings

July 27, 2013

We started the weekend off on a high note yesterday, after witnessing 103 Hawksbill turtle hatchlings being released on Accra beach. Events like this make me feel so lucky to live on a a little slice of paradise.
The Barbados Sea Turtle Project had posted an open invitation to attend this event and it spread like wildfire on Facebook. There was a pretty big turn out and it's great to see so many young kids appreciating this endangered species. 
Everyone was asked to stand in a semi circle around the 'release line' and to watch from a distance, so that the little ones could safely sprint in to the sea. Once they reached the water they bobbed around and ploughed on through the shore break; the image of these tiny black specks swimming off in to the sunset to start a new life was quite the sight to behold. 
I've seen turtles hatch more times than I can remember but it's still such an amazing experience and I'm pretty sure I was shrieking more than the 5 year olds standing next to me. Check out the Barbados Sea Turtle Project page to see when you can join in on the fun!

{via The Barbados Sea Turtle Project}

Bucket list brothers do Barbados

July 24, 2013

The My Destination Barbados team from Miller Publishing have invited me and my friend Sheena to help host the winners of the Biggest, Baddest Bucket list competition and introduce them to the people and places that make Barbados so special. Check out the feature post I did today on My Destination Barbados travel blog for more details!
I'm so excited and can't wait to show them a good time, especially with Kadooment just around the corner!

We will be vlogging, blogging and snapping photos the entire time so be sure to stay tuned to their YouTube channel :)


July 11, 2013
Instagram seems to have popped out of nowhere and suddenly it's the biggest thing since Facebook. Pretty much every single one of my friends is on 'Insta' and we can't seem to get enough of filtered shots of our breakfast, lunch, dinner, beach days, pets and babies. Not to mention coffee, selfies and sunsets. Lots of sunsets...oh, and throwbacks. You get the idea. We love Insta.

Through this tiny picture-sharing app, people have met up, become friends, started dating, flown across the world to meet each other, and gone on adventures they would have never imagined they’d add to their bucket list. Not to mention the inspiration they’ve found through following new people. From photography techniques, to jumps, to locations around the globe, there are no bounds to the creative ideas and unique ways that we share them. Well, besides that little square.

So it's no surprise that Instagram has taken things a step further and introduced 'Instameets' - encouraging Instagrammers to meet up with each other in various locations to take photos together.

So what exactly is an 'Instameet' anyway?

This film by Ravi Vora highlights an instameet that took place in Santa Monica, California earlier this year. This wasn’t a professional networking event, or a meeting of any sort of exclusivity, this was just a bunch of friendly people who love to take photos. People came, walked around together at the beach, brought props, took photos, and made real connections. 

After watching this I though: "Why haven't we had an Instameet in Barbados? And if we have, why didn't I hear about it?" I love the idea of a fun app bringing people together. My friend Sheena and I decided to organise an Instameet the following weekend in Speightstown, St.Peter because its one of the oldest and most diverse urban areas in the island. There's something to wet any photographer's appetite; beautiful natural scenery, historical architecture and social areas such as the pier and market, perfect for snapping portraits. Speightstown is also the ideal spot to shoot the sunset :) So, for all of those who may be interested in joining, feel free to do so! Share the following image on Insta on Facebook or play along using the #instameetspeightstown hashtag. We'll be planning more instameets throughout the year so if you'd like to suggest other locations, please get in touch.

Back to the blogosphere

July 1, 2013

Sup blog diggidy, it's been a while.
I officially handed in my Masters thesis one week ago and it still hasn't quite hit me that it's all over and that I'm no longer a student. 
I was totally consumed by it on a daily basis for the last 6 months. I'm pretty surprised that those closest to me even tolerated my sporadic thought process and occasional stressed freak out. Not only did they tolerate me but two very special people actually helped me with the painstaking task of editing and reviewing every single page I wrote (that's 40 pages of gibberish) and I love them for it.
The reality of finally finishing this masters is slowly but surely settling in, as everyone asks me what I'm doing next. The truth is, I have no idea! For now I'm still the editor for the Barbados Holiday Guide but I'm hoping to kick start my career in politics/ communications/NGOs here in Barbados.

Fingers crossed the job hunt starts on a positive note. In the mean time I'll be getting back into this blogging thing, launching the Barbados Babysitter's Club and enjoying my summer with cook offs, photo challenges and a few other bits and bobs that I'll blog about as I go along.