January 31, 2013

Biggest, Baddest Bucketlist

Calling all bloggers/travel bugs/geeks & techies out there:
MyDestination.com has just unveiled one of the best competitions I've seen in a long time. This week the travel website launched the 'Biggest, Baddest Bucketlist' - a global competition to win a 6 month all expenses paid trip blogging around the world. Eek!

I'm applying as soon as possible, I can't wait! I want to share this with any and everyone, it's too great an opportunity to miss.
How to apply: To win travel’s Biggest, Baddest, Bucket List, it’s very straightforward to apply.
Step one: Applicants must create a video application in English and up to three minutes in length telling us about your favourite destination around the world – whether that’s the city you live, your best holiday or the place you’ve always dreamed of travelling to.
Step two: Upload your video together with a completed application form and travel blog-style entry towww.mydestination.com/bbb. The video and blog entry can be of two different locations in order to showcase creativity and diversity.
Ten candidates will make it through to the voting shortlist, five chosen by My Destination and five selected by the world and then the final round of voting opens – be sure to encourage all your friends and family to vote for you! 
Entry dates: 
• 28th January – competition opens
• 31st March – applications close
• 12th April – top ten announced and final round of voting opens 
• 26th April – top three finalists chosen
• 7th May – final winner announced 
• 8th June – the trip of a lifetime begins

Ready, set...go!


  1. Oh wow! This looks like an amazing opportunity! I wish I had snazzy tech equipment to make a movie :/

  2. Nooo don't let that put you off! You can def apply with any kind of footage, no matter the quality! :) Dooo it!

  3. Hmmmm, I'll definitely look into it :) Thanks for sharing!