October 25, 2012

Whoa One Young World

The official OYW Pittsburgh poster by local artist 
Most of us are familiar with the uneasy niggle of a looming essay - it's a feeling that won't leave you alone. I'm comparing this blog post to said essay because I've been putting it off due to the overwhelming emotion involved and the million and one thoughts going through my mind. Please bare with me - I've been losing a battle with jet lag for a while now whilst clearing my thoughts and making sense of this past week.
I returned to Amsterdam on Tuesday and wanted to curl into a ball and cry as soon as I landed - I couldn't believe that the week had whizzed by and I was suddenly on my own after being surrounded by so many people every day. And not just any people; some of the most inspiring, heroic, intelligent and gifted people I had ever had the pleasure of coming into contact with.  I'd read about these kinds of people and seen them on TV but shrugged them off by thinking that they were born to Gods and lived in a different realm to me; I'd never actually met normal people who'd done such incredible things. What really struck a cord is the fact that most of their actions are aimed at helping those around them, about enriching their communities and making this world a better place. So here I am, back in the Dam and willing myself to put into words this incredible experience so that others may be inspired to join me in Johannesburg next year.

Kofi Annan 
Bill Clinton
Bob Geldof with the other OYW Counsellors behind him

 I can see certain friends rolling their eyes whilst reading this (I would too) so I'll try to calm down with the clichés and overtly cheesy references.
It’s proving to be a pretty difficult post to write without sounding like a complete loony toon...I want to stand on the rooftops and scream that I've just come back from One Young World and I want everyone to know about it.
 I haven’t completely lost the plot, I promise. 
I’m just really, really excited about this.
So how do I start? Do I break it down into days and bore you with the details of my every move? Or should I talk about the main themes of the summit? Or what about my favourite speeches and quotes?

This is what I’m dealing with here. There is SO much to write about and I’ve drafted so many posts already, only to feel like I’m missing things out which are just as important.
How do you summarize something like this?

I've decided to stop stressing out about it and just write and post as I go along. Better to have spat out verbal diarrhea than nothing at all, especially as it's a true reflection of my chaotic thought process. This is for those of you who want to know who, what, how, where and why I’m going on about this.

Image 1, 2 & 3 via OYW.

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