September 23, 2012

Sunday Snaps: Noordemarkt

My roomies and I were on a mission this Saturday: to finally take advantage of the incredible market that pops up every weekend right around the corner from us. 
Usually we're too hungover to  wake up before noon, far less leave the house, but this week only one of us was a 'brak' vegetable. Even then, Do was a trooper and came with us. I'm so happy we finally did this, not only because fruit & veg cost 1/4 the price here but the adult in me appreciated feeling productive on a Saturday for once. 
The Noordemarkt is exactly as a Saturday market should be; chaotic and colourful, with kids screaming as loud as the vendors trying to catch your attention. Grannys, yuppies and cute guys hustled their way through the crowds, arms full of flowers with dogs in tow.
We nibbled on samples of every variation of pesto known to man, a plethora of cheeses from all over the country and stuffed our faces with locally made, organic pizza {It's not bad for you if it's organic}
We were really disappointed in our dessert though, our chocolate cake was SO bland. If I'm going to indulge in chocolate cake I want something that's going to explode in my mouth and at least make me feel a bit guilty. 
This was soon rectified with a sweet Italian lemonade on a terrace in the sun.

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  1. Food markets are an absolute favourite of mine, lovely photos Malou! Glad you had a nice time! xx

  2. I love food markets. This one looks awesome! We have a great fruit and vegetable market in Nicosia in Cyprus, everythings so fresh and tasty and cheap!

  3. I love markets. This one looks awesome and it's even better when shared with friends :)