September 27, 2012

On leaving Amsterdam behind

Caught up in the last minute whirlwind of heading home, I made sure to sneak in some time with some of my favourite girls in Amsterdam. The roomies asked me if there was anything I'd like to do before I left the city and I insisted we check out the photo booth at Centraal station. I LOVE old school photo booths and I only recently discovered this one so near to our house. This resulted in me leaving the house looking like this:

I know the girls will hate me for posting these on here but we had such a ball cramming into that tiny booth and making silly faces that I couldn't resist. Millions of ridiculous poses later (with props) we were exhausted from laughing till our tummies hurt. 

Thank you ladies, for making my night.

I never, EVER, travel light. It just never works out for me, especially when travelling home from Holland. Dutch cheese and mayo are dietary staples in our households and arriving home empty handed is just not done, so we booked an extra suitcase to make sure I had enough room for everyone's favourites. This included 25 kg of cheese, mayo, coffee, stroopwafels, sausage, cooking sauces & Dutch magazines, to name a few:

I'm not sure whether my Mum was more excited to see me or the food...

And last but not least, I had to figure out how to travel with said suitcase. Thankfully, I live with a real life superwoman and Dotje offered to help me to the station with my 10 tonnes of Dutch food. I couldn't even lift it and I stood there in awe as she casually swung it onto her bike and into the train for me later on. Saying I felt pretty pathetic is an understatement.
I made a mental note to start working out when I got back.

I don't know what I'd do without the strong women in my life.
Actually, I do:
I'd end up using crocodile tears to get some unsuspecting man to help me lift my stuff....

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  1. Louuu geweldige blog weer haha
    We miss you! Elk weekend is m'n bedje gereserveerd voor jou :D