August 12, 2012

The Olympic Torch passes through Oxford Street

As I surfaced on Oxford Street on the Thursday before the Opening Ceremony, I was met with the chitter chatter of a million different languages as people buzzed by. This is generally the case wherever you go in Londontown, it’s such a diverse city with tourists visiting from all over the world, especially now with the Olympics. I was killing some time before meeting up with Christina, so I popped in and out of some of my favourite shops. 

I was killing time as I wandered through the new Forever 21, arms full of clothes to try on, when all of a sudden all of the store staff scurried over to the windows and started screaming.
'The torch is about to pass through Oxford Street!'
I lunged over to the window and squished myself amongst the staff who were giggling and squealing with their phones out to take a photo. Luckily, I had my Nikon on me so I inched my way to the window sill and watched eagerly as the crowds lined the street.
'Ohmygod, the managers are going to kill us for this!' 

Slowly, the procession made it's way up the street as the crowds started cheering, egged on by the floatillas and whistles from those walking in front of the flame.

We technically weren't allowed to be sitting in the large window sills (behind racks of clothes) but I didn't care. I wasn't going to miss out on a photo op like this because of stupid Health & Safety rules. Here I was leaning over the railing soaking up the excitment! I asked if they would mind forming a small 'wall' behind me so that I wasn't visible from inside the store, in case one of the managers came to check on us. I then perched myself on the tiny railing/balcony outside of the window and steadied my camera.

Everyone came out of the wood work of the offices along Oxford Street to be part of the action and can imagine that these were two of the most unproductive weeks in London:

That slowly died down and we worried that we had missed the flame completely...the crowd dispersed and we were all left a bit baffled. Finally, a manager came over and told us off for hanging outside of the window, complaining that we could get fined for breaching Health & Safety rules. But I was too excited at this point to listen and I hid myself on the sill, determined to get a photo of the flame!
Finally, after waiting about 10 mins {which seemed a lot longer with the threat of a manager coming to yank me out of the window sill} the flame passed us :) The crowds went wild, thousands of people on the street were screaming their heads of and flashing photos; all the while the store staff were shrieking behind me as I snapped away.

 (I confess that a small part of me wanted the Manager to find us just to make the story jucier)

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Haha oh my gosh, typical English!! Definitely always is an excuse for everything. Good for you for ignoring;)
    Looks soooooo busy, I'd have gone insane if I was in those crowds!

  2. What an awesome experience!