July 24, 2012

BlogSwap: Favourite Family Holiday

Hello Skip to Malou* fans! Today, with the help of 20 Something Bloggers, Malou and I have traded blogs to talk about our fave childhood vacations! 
 You can read all about hers over on Ginger Flair today!

pretty sure my mom said that’s a big mushroom!
As a child my family pretty much took vacations every summer, generally to visit distant family around the US - Colorado and New Mexico, Chicago Suburbs and West Virginia. We also often frequented Minnesota (fishing family here!) and once I went on a trip with my grandparents to the Carolina’s and the Outer Banks - it was my first time seeing the ocean and I was in awe!

My mother and I! The ladies of my fam have the fishing bone too!
Regardless of the beautiful ocean and lovely temps, my favorite “vacations” were up at a campground in Bellevue, Iowa. As a child we went there to camp quite often - several times each summer. We even used to have this brown camper, ha, I loved it! If you’ve never been up to northeast Iowa, let me tell you it’s pretty. I actually grew up in a river town a few hours south of Bellevue and it’s crazy how different it all looks. The river is gorgeous in both places, but Bellevue is all bluffs! The town itself it small and quaint. The main street is atop a bluff that overlooks the mighty Miss and it’s lined with cute shops. Even to this day, whenever I’m near Bellevue, I always stop to get some fudge! I’m doubt it’s actually anything special, but it’s nostalgic for me.

my dad and I

We spent most of our time out at the campground - fishing, swimming and boating. As I mentioned, I come from an outdoorsy family and they like to fish. So, we’ve always had boats and I’ve always had the pleasure of enjoying a boat ride! Let me be clear, a boat ride on a lake and a boat ride on the river are two very different experiences (at least the lakes I’ve been on). Sure you can open it up and go fast for a few minutes on a lake, but eventually it has to end. On a river there are long stretches and the Mississippi has such a wide channel that there’s plenty of room for everyone. I always felt so calm and relaxed on boat rides, except at night with the bugs smacking into your face! Haha! Some of you reading this are probably completely grossed out that I would go in the Miss at all, people think it’s so dirty. Maybe it is, but honestly I feel like it’s just part of me, so I never give it a second thought. In fact, one time the showers weren’t working or something, so I actually bathed (read: washed my hair) in the river...and it was about 60 degrees out! BRRRRRR!

Grandpa & I
After boating, I think bonfires are my next favorite thing about camping. How wonderful it is to just sit around a fire with your loved ones, telling stories, eating s’more’s (mmmmm) and just enjoying the evening. It really is the perfect way to end a long day. Dontcha think?

always in style! ha!

xo, kass


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