May 15, 2012

One Young World: Watch this space

Just over a week ago I got the great news that I was chosen to represent Barbados at the One Young World summit in October! I'll be joining hundreds of young people in Pittsburg to discuss ideas and solutions to some of the problems our countries face; from health issues, the economy and political corruption to sustainability and world peace.  I had heard of One Young World before though friends who had attended the inaugural summit in London in 2010 but never thought I'd have the chance to attend due to the high demand and the hefty price tag attached to it. Thanks to Twitter, I found out about a 'Delegate giveaway'; the aim of the summit this year was to have every single country represented and Barbados was on the list of countries that were not represented as yet. Residents of those countries were being offered a fully sponsored position! I hoping to use this opportunity to discuss the rising prevalence of Type 2 diabetes in Barbados {More on this later!} I can't quite explain how I excited I am, it's going to be such a great place to meet new people and network and I'm so incredibly lucky. 


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