May 30, 2012

Back to the Big Smoke

I've barely been back in Amsterdam a week and I've somehow convinced myself that it's OK to head back to London for a few days. My excuse is that it's a certain special someone's birthday this weekend and I'll be missing out on the celebrations if I don't go :) 

This all sounds hunky dory but last minute booking + a low student budget = a hellish bus trip {yes, BUS!} from Amsterdam to London, approx. over 8 hours of pure cramped up bliss to look forward to!

Luckily I've updated my playlists and I've got some mad sick tunes to keep me occupied. {Lies, that's my organised alter ego! I'll be doing it old school with a book...} but here are some of my recent addictions:


  1. love the watercolour painting :) you're resourceful :) have fun in LDN :)

  2. <3 little talks. what a discovery. and brilliant video actually :)

  3. Love Marina and the Diamonds!! Especially 'girls'

  4. Is the watercolour painting yours???