March 1, 2012

Noah's Dad

'The only disability in life is a bad attitude' 

Noah's Dad is a blog written by Rick about life with Noah, a sweet little boy born with Down's Syndrome. This extra chromosome in Noah's genetic make up changed Rick and Abbie's lives forever; they were presented with new challenges in a world that doesn't easily accept those who are different. Luckily, little Noah's parents refused to see Down's Syndrome as a disability and turned this challenge into an opportunity. Rick created the blog with the intention of providing a window for everyone to see hope, encouragement, and normalcy in having a child with Down's

I stumbled across it a little while ago and I'll admit that before I watched the videos and read some of Rick's posts I'd never given much thought to children with Down's Syndrome. Besides the sweetest little sister of a friend (who I myself have never met) and Corky from the 90's TV show "Life goes On" (Who Noah met!), I'd never had any sort of exposure to someone with Down's. But there was just something about those sunny little faces radiating love and happiness on the blog that pulled me in. Since then I've joined the Facebook page as well and I can't help but smile at the posts that pop up on my news feed! 

I love that this blog is slowly but surely breaking down the stigma associated with something like Down's which can be applied to anything that is considered outside of the social 'norm'. Blogging allowed for a network to be created where families with Down's children can inform and support each other and share such lovely, positive aspects of their lives. 
As for everyone else: we can learn more about acceptance, gratitude and appreciating that there is beauty in everything once you allow yourself to see it! 

With Corky from Life Goes On :)
Noah with his Mum Abbie


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  1. nice post..very enlightening.. keep doing what your doing!