February 9, 2012

A Weekend in Aarhus, Denmark | Part 1

This post is wayyyy overdue, probably because I already posted photos of the weekend on Facebook and totally forgot about it...Oops.
Last month we took a roadtrip to Aarhus in Denmark to visit a friend of mine. Luckily there were no hiccups like on my disastrous wonderful trip to Munich last year. Here are some of the highlights and lowlights (I don't like to be unrealistic) of our trip:

Highlight: Roadtripppinnn'

We set off on Friday afternoon with a car full of booze (alcohol is really expensive in Denmark), food, maps and great banter. We discovered that our Costa Rican companion Roberto was really good at "Would you rather" and we played that game for the rest of the journey: 10 hours can fly by when you're either laughing your head off or debating questions such as:

Would you rather...

  • Punch a cactus or slide down a slide made of sandpaper with no pants
  • Have Spaghetti hair or cheese teeth
  • Eat a Bowl of hair every morning or be called Ronald McDonald
  • Would u rather everyone think you have AIDS (and not have it) or have AIDS and no one know about it.
  • Would you rather be really rich, knowing you'll lose it at a certain point....or live knowing you'll only accumulate a certain amount of wealth and never be rich?
  • Chop off ur own finger or someone else's
  • Flying or telepathy as a superpower?
  • Teleport into the past or the future
  • Drown or fall out of the plane
Lowlight: Navigating the horrible highways through Germany.
There were a few close calls as we struggled to find signs and figure out where one road ended and another began. Not cool when cruising at 150 km/hr on the limitless Autobahn.

Higlight: Seeing snow for the first time in 3 years

Lowlight: Feeling really, really cold for the first time in 3 years

To be continued....

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