February 26, 2012

Sunday Snapshots*

There's been a dark cloud looming over my head ; statistics, assignments, reading & more reading have taken over my life. Luckily I've had a few highlights in between recently: 


|1. Fancy dinners & trying 'Scheermesjes' ('Razorblades' - I still don't know what they're called in English) | 2. Making travel plans - So many choices! {via} | 3. Discovering instant noodles - Apparently I've been living under a rock | 4.  Getting a glimpse of the professional photos taken at my best friend's wedding by the talented Gina Francesca (More of these to come!) | 5. Seeing the most amazing photos from everyone on the open "View from your Window" group | 6. The first hints of Spring! People have started smiling again {via} | 7. Fresh flowers | 8. Babysitting the coolest kids ever - those shoes fit into the palm of my hand | 9. Chilling with some of my favourite girls :) 


Ps: this week I'm linking up with The Simple Things, Sunday Snapshots and Sweet Violet in the hope that anyone interested in photography checks out the 'View from your Window' open photography page on Facebook :)

Sunday Snapshot 

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