February 6, 2012

Best Superbowl ads

American football isn't really my thing but I reckon the millions of people who are tuned into the Superbowl are watching it for one of three things; 1. the actual sport itself, 2. the yummy, bulked up men or 3. the ads which become kind of a big deal. I choose options 2 + 3, with greater emphasis on 3. So when I excitedly asked a couple of groups of friends here in Amsterdam where we were going to watch the Superbowl on Sunday, I was not expecting the conversation that followed:

Me: "Guys the Superbowl is this Sunday, where can we watch the game?"
Dutchies: "The what?"
M: "The Superbowl..."
D: "What is that...?"
M: "Uhm...one of the most televised games in the world...in America...with great ads...you've never heard of it?"
D: "ooohh yes, ofcourse! That's basketball right?"
M: "Uh...no."
D: "Baseball?"

Cue me trying to stream the game online by myself on Sunday night whilst cursing cultural differences. This didn't work for some reason so I resorted to asking my brother in Florida to talk me through some of the ads as he watched it live in a bar, with nachos and beer :( I guess we don't realise how Americanized we are in Barbados sometimes but I put it down to wanting any excuse to get together with friends, drink beer, eat fried food and have a good time. 

So since catching up, here are some of the better ads in my opinion. These average at around $3.5 million for a 30 second spot but take them with a pinch of salt and remember that they're American ads with American references (Like 'The dog strikes back' riding on the success of last year's Darth Vader video). I'm a sucker for cute dogs though.

 Rescue Dog - Bud Light 

Just my shell - M&M's

 The Dog Strikes Back - Volkswagen (riding on the success of last year's Darth Vader ad)

  Happy Grad - Chevy

  Transactions - Acura NSX

Mr.Quiggly - Skechers



  1. Love them all! haha....I woke up this morning and started youtubing all the ads!

  2. Malou!!! You have the best blog everrrrrr<3<3<3