Wednesday's Window to the World: St.John, Barbados

November 30, 2011
Sugar cane ladies in St.John, taken from my car window. These strong women have a really tough job, manually tending to the fields in the extreme heat, fully covered to protect themselves from the sugar cane blades.  Yet they're usually smiling, singing and laughing amongst themselves, working as a team.

Happy Independence Day my little island in the sun 


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Featured Artists: Bajan Talent ♥

November 29, 2011
Barbados celebrates Independence Day tomorrow so I'm feeling a little more patriotic than usual. 

It seems like a new talent pops up on the Bajan music scene every day. Rihanna carved the way for other local artists to really jump out on the international stage and helped put our little rock on the map as a breeding ground for great musical and lyrical talent. The coolest thing is that each one of these young Bajans has a unique 'vibe' going on ; their styles range from acoustic to rap, dance, pop and country. Keep your eyes & ears peeled for these guys; you'll soon be recognising their stuff all ovaa the place :) (if you don't already!) Unfortunately I'm restricted to what's available on YouTube but you can check out their personal Facebook pages for some of their new releases.

Here are some of my favourite songs by this Bajan posse 
(listed alphabetically): 




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Manic Monday: Pacific Standard Time

November 28, 2011

"I guess what I realised is that I'm afraid. What if I go inside the museum and look around at all the art and I just don't get it?"

 Jason Schwartzman celebrates the conceptual artist John Baldessari in this cute and quirky short film which discusses the common misconception that 'art' is too intimidating, forgetting that everyone can have their own interpretation of it:

"I'm trying to understand this....he just starts dripping paint on the canvas and then it's like, art?"  

This film is part of the Pacific Standard Time exhibiton which is a collaboration of more than sixty cultural institutions across Southern California, coming together for six months (it began in October and ends in April) to tell the story of the birth of the Los Angeles art scene and how it became a major new force in the art world. Each institution will make its own contribution to this grand-scale story of artistic innovation and social change, told through a multitude of simultaneous exhibitions and programs. 
Exploring and celebrating the significance of the crucial post-World War II years through the tumultuous period of the 1960s and 70s, Pacific Standard Time encompasses developments from L.A. Pop to post-minimalism; from modernist architecture and design to multi-media installations; from the films of the African American L.A. Rebellion to the feminist activities of the Woman's Building; from ceramics to Chicano performance art; and from Japanese American design to the pioneering work of artists' collectives.
Oh how I wish I could check this out! For those of you who can, enjoy!


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Friday's Frugal Foodie: Poffertjes*

November 24, 2011
Friday's frugal foodie will feature yummy recipes with a student budget in mind. Don't get too excited; I am by no means a talented chef, I don't follow recipes very well and I'll be featuring some simple, homely favourites.  My loony housemates and I have a lot of fun in the kitchen trying to come up with cheap & cheerful meals that satisfy our ridiculously large appetites and keep the constant flow of house guests happy (Or at least quiet). I love cooking for other people (a 'meal for one' depresses me) so I'll generally cook in large quantities; ideal for leftovers and munchies after a night out. 

Poffertjes seemed like the perfect way to start this whole recipes thing because you can't find a meal more cheap and cheerful! Typically Dutch, this was a favourite treat growing up and my Mum is a quick-draw poffertjes cowgirl, flipping them faster than anyone I've ever seen.

You can find the funny little poffertjes pan (without the faces unfortunately) in HEMA or online. I found this recipe for poffertjes here.