April 11, 2011

Runaway- Kanye West

Kanye really takes music videos to a new level with this long-form music film. Full of metaphors, political statements and beautiful imagery, this film is a compilation of some of the songs from Kanye's new album "My Beautiful Dark, Twisted Fantasy". Angry yet gentle, explosive yet delicate, this film can be seen as a metaphor for how Kanye feels about the acceptance of his music and behaviour. The story tells of a phoenix who falls to Earth and is introduced to the world by Kanye. Unaccepting and mystified by her playful innocence, the harsh reality of the World forces her to leave Kanye and return to where she came from.

The phoenix notes: “You know what I hate about your world? Anything that is different you try to change, you try to tear it down.”

Ps: If this isn't your thing, at least fast forward to the enchanting ballet scene at 14:08.

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