August 4, 2010


After our third consecutive day of grey clouds and rain Chris and I braved the unimaginable and rented a moped. Any idiot can rent a moped for 200 baht (about 4 pounds/$US6) and we were given very basic instructions: brake, gas and away we went! No helmets either by the way. Our mums would be so proud :) 40 baht bought u a bottle of gas (served on the road side in old glass rum bottles!) A little shakey at first but being the adventurous daredevils that we are, I didn’t go over 30. That is, until we reached one of the dozen monstrous mountains on the way to the town. We crept up, barely making it over the peak, only to zooooooom straight back down the other side at incredible speed! I just imagined our brakes giving way and us ending up in a bush with our teeny bikinis over our heads.
Petrol sold in bottles. Naturally we thought they were bottles of rum at first..

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