July 10, 2010

Saigon: Same Same but Different!

Saigon seems like a cleaner, greener Bangkok! There are over 10 million people in this city and 4 million motorbikes!!! The rules of survival apply here…no one follows road signs, zebra crossings or lights! Just go for it, hold your breath and hope for the best!!! I’ve clipped a few wing mirrors…all the wiser for it! We visited the Cu Chi Tunnels today! The network of tunnels was built during the war and completed around 1965. There’s over 200 km of tunnels and they go three layers deep! The third layer of tunnels as far down as 12 m! We toured the entrances to some of the networks and poked around boobie traps. It was very surreal and scary as I’m very claustrophobic and can’t imagine anything worse than being in a small tunnel underground! Visited a night market tonight and got told off by lots of grumpy locals for taking pictures of the weird food they were selling! Frog, snake, lizard, snail…whatever your fancy, you can have it boiled,fried, steamed or in a soup! The putrid smell of stale grease hung in the air and stopped me from trying any of these enticing delicacies…
1.In one of the tunnels!


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