July 10, 2010

Nha Trang

Fresh Lobster being grilled on the beach for about $4!
Oooh Nha Trang! The Miami beach of Vietnam! Skyscrapers line the coast and sun burnt tourists roam the streets! Not quite as snazzy as Miami beach, there’s still family run Vietnamese restaurants and travel agents squished in between the modern hotels and ‘sunglass’ ladies harassing you every 5 minutes. (These ladies walk around with a big wooden board strapped to their shoulders which are FULL of fake sunglasses. The trick is to scope out their wares from behind dark shades, NEVER show an interest or you’ll have them on your tail for about 10 minutes.) Anyway, we checked into the Blue Star Hotel which was a stone’s throw away from the beach! We were on the top floor and if you stretched out reallllyyy far out of the corridor window you could see most of the coastline! Very pretty! We went for a swim, hoping to relax and top up our tans. When walking onto the roasting beach we were met with a Sahara sandstorm and storm-like rough water! The sand was so strong that it was whipping our skin and stinging us. Not an ideal situation! Luckily it was a one-off as there had been some rough weather before we got there. We were ready to turn on our heels and head back to our lovely Hoi An before we heard that! Nothing else to Nha Trang besides the lovely beaches and some nice restaurants! Chris and I treated ourselves to a nice sushi dinner, a real splurge at US$4! Dinner was folIowed by some drinks but unfortunately on the way there a man drove by Chris on a motorbike and tried to snatch her shoulder purse! He ended up knocking her really hard on the shoulder and pulled down her top! Quite scary as it was the first kind of crime we have experienced on the trip… I went out to watch the Holland vs Uruguay game and had a great time with some crazy Dutchies! There were all kinds of people there and the atmosphere was electric! I asked one girl with a Dutch flag on her face if she was from Holland and her reply was : “No, I’m English but I was conceived in Amsterdam so I feel a sense of patriotic duty towards the Dutch team!” On that note, bring on Saigon…

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