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Let's leave Neverland

July 1, 2010

Let's leave Neverland

Vang Vieng is like a Neverland for tourists. Bar after bar line the streets, interrupted only by souvenir shops and travel agents. There are locals selling the same food on every corner and they all seem determined to make a quick buck out of us. The bars are all open, with lounge bench type seating. During the day the town is very quiet except for the sound of canned laughter coming from the bars playing re runs of Friends and Family Guy episodes OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I swear I saw one episode about 3 times just by glancing into the bars as we walked by. It was very odd! It seemed as though the town just sprung up to accommodate the tourists who were coming to tube down the river.

We made a swift exit, stage left and headed for Vietnam. 30 hours in two buses later and we were in Hanoi!

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