July 4, 2010

Hoi An

The last 4 days and nights have been amazing! Hoi An is SUCH a nice town!! It’s very small and quite spread out, the streets are wide and the architecture is slightly confusing; an eclectic mix of modern, european houses with small hotels dotted in between. Its right on the coast so there’s a lovely constant breeze and a slight hint of salt in the air. We booked into a nice hotel with a pool (though its inside and right next to the lobby….very odd!) but our room is spacious and clean and there’s free wifi! Always a plus!
Hoi An has an Old Town section which is along the river, just before the estuary. Here the buildings are bright yellow, covered in bouganvillea vines and lanterns, overlooking docked, weathered boats. The town has a quaint, sleepy charm to it, with a lot less tourists around and fewer people speaking english! We can’t quite put our finger on it but Chris and I reckon it reminds us of Venice and the French Riviera somehow. Hoi An is known for its tailors and on the day we arrived we went to visit a few and see what the options were. We’re still travelling with the 4 girls from Newcastle and they were keen to have some dresses made. While they were fitted Chris and I wondered around, checking out the many shops selling handmade lanterns, silver jewellery and photocopied books! We’ve spent 5 days in Hoi An now, we love it here. There are two huge beaches nearby and we get to borrow bikes from the hotel for free! We’ve all trekked down to the beaches (getting lost along the way) and are now all as brown as berries. Dinners in nice restaurants on the waterfront cost about US $3.50 so we’ve really been living it up! And I can’t forget to mention the incredible Netherlands-Brazil game! UNBELIEVABLE! Watched it live in a restaurant full of Dutch kaaskoppen with a cold beer in hand! GO HOLLANDD!!!!

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