July 5, 2010

Can't get enough of Hoi An

This coastal town has two beautiful beaches encircling it and we’ve visited both of them on our bikes.
An Bang Beach is littered with small white shells, perfect in every sense! Dotted along the shore are small ‘tea cup’ boats which are hand woven and used as fishing boats. They are big enough to fit two men and are controlled using one oar.

On Friday evening many locals descended on the An Bang Beach, bringing out blankets, chairs and rubber tyres for the kids to play on. The smell of barbecue filled the air (Though I dare not ask what it is they were cooking..) and some girls even went for a swim in their underwear.
I loved being on the beach but it made me slightly homesick! I wanted my friends and family there with a big cooler of drinks and our own barbecue with seasoned chicken and bread fruit! :) Maybe next time!
On our way back from the beach I spotted a man tending to his water buffalo family. This man had one leg and was hopping around using crutches, not fazed by the fact that he was controlling this huge beasts with a single rope. It seemed to work though, all three animals were very relaxed and were’nt bothered by me taking photos. The man got wildly excited and insisted on taking a photo of me by his buffalo wearing his (STINKYY) hat. It was so cute and he was very proud of it.

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