July 18, 2010

Asian Face Masks

1 in 4 people in South East Asia rides around wearing a suspicious looking face mask. We can’t figure out if it’s because of disease or dirt as they even wear them around the house. Little babies and children have custom made masks. Unnerving? Slightly! We couldn’t bring ourselves to join in the trend…yet on the bus from Siem Reap to Bangkok there was a really foul smell coming from the toilets. The putrid stink of urine, which makes you want to throw up. We didn’t want to tell the driver because that would result in a bus change and a 6 hour delay on our already delayed journey.
So what does one do in these dire situations? We rubbed some shampoo under our nostrils to hide the smell, stuck tissue up our nose and used our eye-sleeper masks over our nose and mouths! We looked ridiculous, if not shockingly Asian for the day!

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