June 9, 2010


Went and had a stroll around Mall of the Emirates in the morning and then spent the afternoon at Aquaventure, a water park next to the Altantis Hotel! At first I told Ema “You guys have fun, I’m going to tan and read a magazine!” This was before I saw the hundreds of different things you could do! Tom insisted that we go on the highest, fastes SCARIEST one first! (You can see it behind Ema and I in the photo!) 

I was shaking by the time we got to the top and I nearly asked what the survival rate was. Luckily I just crossed my arms and went for it! A masssive drop (I want to say 1,000 ft for damatic effect but that’s a slight exaggeration) THEN through an aquarium with sharks and stingrays! I’m pretty sure I heard laughing as I went through there..the views from the top were gorgeous, as the park is at the very tip of Palm Jumeira. 

Unfortunately the sky has been quite foggy these last few days because of all of the construction going on around the city but I can imagine it to be even more striking when its clear. 

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