June 6, 2010

Goodbye Cyclone...

I felt like a tourist complaining about the heat when I first arrived, but believe you me, it’s HOT here! 38-42 degrees during the day and it doesn’t let up much at night! The houses are built to allow for very little (if any at all) outdoor living as everyone stays inside their fully air conditioned houses. The day after I arrived there was a cyclone warning issued. Phet was heading straight for Oman and was due to hit on Thursday evening/early Friday morning. How exciting! Though I had experienced the outer winds of a hurricane before, I had never experienced a full fledged storm like this one coming for us. The temperature dropped as the winds picked up after a whole day and night of rain, endless movies, Guitar Hero and junk food, Cyclone Phet (which was downgraded to a tropical storm) left us with minimal flooding and incredible sunshine! It was much cooler as well, luckily. I don’t know how much more of the 40 degree heat I could bare! 

We drove along the coast of Oman in search of surfable waves. It was so beautiful! Until then I didn’t find Muscat very pretty - it looks like a large, spread out construction site, dotted with mosques and with mountains in the distance. But as we drove further out of the city itself we went through the older section of Muscat called Mutttrah, which has a large port and is surrounded by smaller mountains (almost like a natural fort) The sea was still wild from the storm and waves were crashing onto the road, quite a sight! We went as far as Shangr-La, a coastal resort where Tom’s mum Janet lives. The views from her house were breath taking, overlooking jagged cliffs and bright blue water. We spent the afternoon in the pool sipping mojitos! Its a tough life, but someone has to do it… 


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